To improve/sharpen knowledge, skills and attitude of in service approach procedural controllers in provision of approach Control procedural Services according to ICAO SARPs and Tanzania Civil Aviation Regulations.

This course provides Air Traffic Controllers (Approach Surveillance) with the competencies required to effectively and efficiently control air traffic within Approach Terminal Control Area (TMA) in accordance with KSA ATSP, KSA Approach Control Manual and ICAO Doc 4444.

This course will provide participants with up to date knowledge, skills and attitudes required on the current procedures and regulations related to air traffic services of Area Control Surveillance.

This course covers rules and procedures for area control procedural. Students will use the ATC simulator to develop skills and techniques required for procedural control.

Start your safety in the air from the ground

Take off with a clear head

This course aims to provide participants with knowledge, skills and attitude required to control ground movement and air traffic within the control zone of the aerodrome effectively and efficiently in accordance with standards required by the concerned Licensing Authority.